Piano, Organ , Harpsichord, Voice Lessons

Dr. Guzasky gives private and group lessons in organ, piano, cello, and harpsichord, as well as classes in Music Theory, Music History, Church Music, Church Organ for Pianists, Choral Conducting, and Russian Music.



Registration and Policies

·       Please call or text (781.420.6880) if            

·       You are running late or can't attend your lesson

·       You have questions about your payment or tuition

·       You are anticipating a change in schedule that might affect your lesson day/time

Registration for Lessons

·       My studio follows a conservatory module or semester schedule in much the same manner as a college or university school of music. My studio is part of the Conservatory Teaching in Your Community collaborative that began as a satellite school of the Boston Conservatory. The teaching year is divided into two five-month modules containing 16 lessons each (the Fall Module and Spring Module), and a two-month module for the summer. You are not paying for individual lessons or by the number of lessons in a month, but for a course of study. For example, within five months, there may be 23 weeks. Within those 23 weeks, you receive 16 lessons. This system accommodates vacation and other off-time, plus keeps the tuition cost down.


·       Recitals will be scheduled periodically, and your readiness will be determined by you and your teacher. Adult students may have less formal experiences of musical sharing.


·       You sign a student contract for lessons that serves as a commitment for the cost of the entire module. Again, you are not paying for the number of lessons per month, but for a course of study, just as you would any other class. Therefore, even if you decided to stop lessons within the module, you are responsible for payment for the entire module.

·       Weekly lessons scheduled for the same day/time ensure your steady progress as a musician. 

·       Remember – your cumulative musical experience is more important than the number of individual lessons you receive.


Payment & Fees

·       Your tuition may be paid in full, for several months at a time, or for your convenience, you might opt to pay in equal monthly installments, with the monthly payment due on the first of each month, just as with any other bill.


·       Your monthly installments are calculated like this

                 Tuition divided by 5 = your monthly payment

·       You can pay by check, post-dated check, cash, money order, PayPal, Credit, or Debit Card.

·       Note: Under no circumstances is tuition refundable, or transferable.


Makeup & Attendance

  • In the event of any student absence, your instructor would appreciate notification in advance. We do not offer make up lessons for absences and/or missed lessons that occur because students have conflicts, travel out of town, etc., or due to common place illness. Select your lesson time thoughtfully to avoid conflicts, as no rescheduling, credit, or refund is given for any missed or cancelled lessons cancelled by you for any reason. No exceptions. Therefore, each adult student/parent is financially responsible for all lessons regardless of cancellation. This is in respect for our faculty members, who set aside a specific time for each student. This time is reserved. The teacher cannot give the reserved time away to another student or fill it again – consequently the teacher does not have the opportunity to make up the lost income. Though many students and families attend consistently, some do not; this policy is a way to support our talented and dedicated faculty. This is a matter of respect for your teacher and your study.

·       We try to be as accommodating as we can, but with many students it is impossible for teachers to change their schedules around and have many unfillable times. We offer more flexibility during our summer session to accommodate you and your teacher's vacation plans.

  • If your teacher cancels a lesson, that will of course, be made up.
  • You are allowed one make up lesson due to your own schedule conflicts, and this would normally be made up at the end of the Module at mutually agreed time.
  • Teachers are not required to reschedule if a student cancels or misses a mutually agreed upon make-up lesson.