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Dr. G. Fredrick Guzasky of Boston is a professor at Bridgewater State University and had been an Affiliated Artist at MIT in Cambridge for ten years.  As a recitalist, he has performed in New England and the Midwest, as well as Russia, Latvia, and England, receiving the Boston University Outstanding Performance Award. He has toured Russia and Latvia, and  is widely known for his masterful organ performances. Some of his specialties include Gregorian chant, Russian Orthodox choral music, and the organ works of Josef Gabriel Rheinberger. He has recorded a number of compact discs and has written books concerning Gregorian chant, organ technique and performance, and a mystery novel. Dr. Guzasky is also the conductor of the Slava Chorale and organist/choirmaster at the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Hingham, Massachusetts.


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The Organ Sonatas of Josef Gabriel Rheinberger - Variety in Formal Approach

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                                                                                             Sasha and the Russian Royal Family


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